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Cash Bar

Pay Based on Consumption at the conclusion of your event with a Cash Bar.
The term "Cash Bar" refers to Bars that have not been prepaid and Client will pay their own tabs directly to bartender based on consumption during the event. The term does not refer to the method of payment (cash or card only is accepted).

Available at the Venue at Royal Palm Grille only.

There is a $500 Minimum Guarantee for Cash Bars. If the minimum is not reached by the conclusion of the event, client agrees to pay the balance of the unpaid guarantee.

There is a $200 Set up fee for Cash Bars in the Event Room. No Set up fee is required for the Beach Bar.

18% Gratuity will be automatically charged to all tickets.

*Cash Bars are not available for Sundeck Reception Rentals

Additional Option: Want to provide Drink Tickets? You can do so with a Cash Bar. Just let us know how many tickets you would like your guests to be given and what they are good for (i.e. beer and wine only, anything goes etc). We will ring up these drinks on 1 tab and you will be responsible for paying for these drinks at the conclusion of the event. We can provide the tickets for no extra price or you may want to make your own.

Drink Price Estimates:
Domestic Beers $5.00 each
Imported or Craft Beers $6.00 each
House Wine by the Glass $6.00 each
Call Wine by the Glass $8.00 each
House Brand Cocktails $5.00 ea
Call Brand Cocktails $8.00 each
Premium Brand Cocktails $9.00 each
Sodas, Bottled Water and Juice $3.00 each


House Champagne $36 per bottle
N/A Champagne $30 per bottle
Fruit Punch $35 per gallon
Ice Tea $35 per gallon
Champagne Punch $55 per gallon
Rum Punch $68 per gallon
Bloody Mary’s $72 per gallon
Mimosas $50 per gallon

*Pricing listed above is not guaranteed and is listed here for estimate purposes only and may vary.