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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Destin Florida Wedding Packages

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! A wedding in Destin is the perfect choice for your big day. With our powder soft white sands, crystal-clear emerald waters and great year-round weather, a beach wedding in Destin Florida provides the ideal setting for your ceremony, reception and honeymoon.

The following is a list of important information and resources for your upcoming ceremony. Once you book your day with us, we will send you an INFORMATION PACKAGE that will include more in depth information you will need for your specific event. In addition, please feel free to call us at 850-974-0921, or e-mail us anytime with any questions or concerns!  

1. Where do I go to get a marriage license and how long does it take?

Couples must provide their marriage license application to an Island Sands Beach Wedding officiate prior to their Destin wedding ceremony. The couple must apply in person at any clerk of court office in the state of Florida to obtain their application. There is a three day waiting period if either party is a Florida resident unless the couple has obtained a pre-marital course certificate prior to applying for the license. Non-Florida residents can receive a wedding license immediately with a current out of state driver’s license. Each party must be 18 years or older. No blood tests or physical is required.

A marriage license must be solemnized within 60 days of issuance and returned within 10 days after the ceremony. Once the ceremony is performed, Island Sands Beach Weddings can assist you in returning the license to the appropriate clerk’s office to be officially recorded. Please note that in the state of Florida, witnesses are not required to be present or sign the license application.

If you need assistance locating the closest county courthouse to your location, please let us know! We will gladly provide you with detailed directions.

2. Where can I hold my wedding on the beach in Destin?

From our 23 plus years of experience working on the beaches of Northwest Florida, we know all the best spots for a wedding in Destin and can provide our recommendations for a perfect beach ceremony location. Otherwise, we service all the beautiful beaches of Northwest Florida (out of area locations may be subject to a travel fee). If you’re thinking about a particular beachfront location, keep in mind that some areas may require you to obtain special permission and even charge a fee for the use of their property. Island Sands Beach Weddings will gladly assist you as best we can in obtaining any and all permits from the condominium, hotel, state, city, and/or county, but any fees charged are solely the responsibility of the client.

3. How large/small can my wedding party be?

Your wedding can be any size you wish. However, depending on the location you choose for your event, special permitting may be required based on the number of guests that will be in attendance. Island Sands Beach Weddings will gladly assist you in obtaining these special permits as best we can but again, any fees charged by the city, state, county or private properties are solely the responsibility of the client.

4. What happens if it rains?

It is the client’s responsibility to have an alternate location in case of inclement weather OR the ceremony may be rescheduled for another time or day based on our availability. A suggestion would be to check with your reception location in advance to see if they would be able to accommodate the ceremony in case it is necessary to move indoors. Your wedding coordinator will be happy to assist you in forming a back up plan.

5. Can I choose to hold my ceremony on any day of the week or at any time of the day?

Yes you can. We do not charge extra for any particular time or day of the week. This is your ceremony, we do it how, when and where you want it!

6. Can I provide my own ceremony music?

Yes you can. If you choose the recorded ceremony music option, you have a choice of either traditional instrumental ceremony music or you may choose your own songs by sending us a list in advance. Just email us a list of the title and artist with an explanation of the order you would like your songs to be played and when – we’ll take care of the rest.

7. Can I customize my Destin wedding package?

Absolutely! This is your wedding day and we will customize a package just for you to fit your style and budget. Just e-mail us and if there is something in particular that you are interested in that you don’t see on our website! Chances are we can make it happen just for you!

8. What about my reception?

Island Sands Beach Wedding is an all-inclusive event company. We can assist you from start to finish, no matter how small or grand the detail. We have several Destin wedding reception packages available, all of which can be customized just for you. Winner of BEST WEDDING RECEPTION, CHEF & CATERER in DESTIN, we are also a full service Venue & Catering Company offering a full array of reception options…including Bonfires on the Beach! Just ask your Wedding Coordinator for more information.

9. (and most important) How to I book my wedding date?

Island Sands Beach Weddings is a “Quality over Quantity” Company. To ensure the highest quality of service and attention available we limit the amount of weddings we perform and we book fast, especially in the summer months. We are first come first served so to guarantee your event date we require a non-refundable retainer to hold your day just for you. To check availability or book your day immediately, just e-mail us or call us at 850-974-0921 and we’ll get you on your way to setting up the wedding ceremony of your dreams!

Tips from the Expert

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. Planning a destination wedding can be even more stressful when you don’t know exactly what to expect. That is where we come in!! We are here to help you every step of the way. If ever you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email us anytime! We are here to ensure your day is as Stress-free as possible. Here are a few tips to think about in preparation for your big day:

Wear Sunscreen when you go to the Beach before your wedding!!! If you are light skinned and burn easy make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen if you plan on having fun in the sun before your ceremony, especially on your face and ears. Grooms, I’m speaking to you! Your wedding pictures will be your lasting memories of your big day and you don’t want to see your sun glass lines and a bright red face smiling back at you. Brides, watch those Bikini tan lines if you’re planning on going strapless. There is only so much photographers can edit when it comes to your skin tone.

Veils and a windy beach don’t always mix. The beach can sometimes be quite windy and brides with veils, more often than not, find themselves fighting to keep their veils under control. If you have your heart set on wearing a veil, be prepared to wait to see what the wind conditions are on the beach before making your final decision.

Don’t Wear Shoes on the beach. Wearing shoes on the beach, especially high heels and sandals makes walking incredibly difficult, especially for Brides walking down the aisle. Go barefoot! After all, that is part of the fun of having a Beach Wedding!

Let them come to you! We work with the Very Best Hair and Make up artists that can come to your condo, hotel room, or beach house. Don’t fight traffic and the elements trying to make it to a hair appointment on your wedding day all the way across town. The cost is low and the benefits are worth every penny. These ladies are experts when it comes to outdoor beach weddings. They know what it takes for your hair and make up to overcome the humidity, wind and sea spray! You won’t be disappointed!

Don’t Do It Yourself! The least amount of work you and your friends and family have to do on your wedding day, The Better! This is the one day in your life where you should be the absolute center of attention and have everyone cater to you. If you have to worry about doing this and doing that, your day becomes a chore. Relax and leave it to the experts! We can help you with all of your planning and preparation ahead of time and then leave the work to us. We have you covered! Believe me, the more you allow us to help you the more you will enjoy your experience.

Ask Questions and Be Patient! Ask away, seriously! COMMUNICATIO IS THE KEY TO A SUCCESSFUL EVENT! We are here to make sure all your questions are answered so please, never feel like you are bugging us by sending emails or calling about any detail, no matter how small you may think the matter is. That is what we are here for! However, please be patient as we reply! We strive to answer all our calls and emails as promptly as possible but we do receive a large amount of phone calls and emails daily and during our season we do this all in addition to preforming our events as well. We work very long hours to ensure every client receives only the very best service and attention. So Thank you in advance for your patience!!